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On a Laptop


Your New Virtual Assistant!


The Vision

Over the last five years &Delegate has dedicated itself to easing the busy schedules of over-worked small to medium sized business owners AND adding value to that growing business. Social media marketing, graphic design, and social media education is our specialty!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, our motto is “Making Your Business Simple” and we intend to follow through. Every client is hand-selected for best fit with the &Delegate team and each client is always given the teams full attention. You will have a team of powerful, capable and sharp women at your back to help strategize, develop and expand your business. We are highly experienced in client tracking, project management, business file organization, invoicing, human resource tasks, social media management and much more.


&Delegate started as a way to develop skills professionally in industries and areas our team had never tried before. We have had the pleasure of working with dozens of different types of businesses with different types of needs over the last decade, and hope only to grow this list in the years to come. We have worked with Photography/videography, Wedding Event Coordinating, Health/Life Coaching, Comedy Entertainment, Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing,  Influencers, Surgical Supply Distributing and others.

We have made it our business to learn every trick in the  hand book to help scale a small business. And we intend to pass every one on to you and your business. In many ways, you will think of us as your business' handy(wo)man. You need it? We've got the tools and skills you need to accomplish it.


Social Media Management

We have developed a fool proof system to not only get your social accounts consistent and engaging, but also add personality and authenticity to your brand presence.


Client and Lead Acquisition

We aim to do all the leg work for your business. They say it takes seven touch points before a lead becomes a client. Our goal is to take care of the first six, so that from there, all you need to do is land the sale.


Business Development

We are constantly looking for ways to develop and improve your business together. With the flexible nature of Virtual Assisting we can pivot and shift nearly any project to suit your specific needs and long term goals.

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